Raleigh Startups (AngelList Data Project)

AngelList is a platform for startups seeking to raise money and hire employees. The company’s website includes a database of over 80,000 startups. It allows users to target their searches to specific markets, business stages, and locations, and to download their search results as a CSV, so I decided to take a look at the startup ecosystem where I live (Raleigh, North Carolina).

First, I wanted to see what sort of markets Raleigh startups are targeting:

startups by market

While it would seem from the chart above that these companies are operating in a wide variety of spaces, I wonder how much of this is just a question of semantics. Surely, there’s some overlap between “Social Media Marketing” and “Brand Marketing,” and those are two of the largest categories. I get the sense that AngelList’s classification system is overselling how differentiated some of these businesses actually are.


Naturally, most companies reported having between one and ten employees.


While most of the companies in my sample weren’t listed as being in any particular stage, a few are. One company was listed as being in Series B, another as having been acquired, and eight as being Seed-stage.



There’s probably a lot more I could do with this data. Are there any questions you would like me to answer in a future post? Does anything here make you feel curious? You can let me know by commenting below or emailing me at michaelfosterprojects@gmail.com







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