3 Big Questions about Raleigh Construction (Answered by Data)


What types of construction projects have been done in Raleigh?

Between 2000 and 2018, about 69% of planned Raleigh construction projects were residential. download (20)

Of these, the most common projects involved the construction of new buildings, while the most common non-residential projects were repairs and alterations to existing buildings


How much does the average construction project cost?

The average construction project in Raleigh had an estimated cost of just over $192,000, but that number requires some explanation. A few unusually expensive projects, such as additions to REX Hospital, brought up the average substantially.

In fact, 75% of projects were estimated to cost under $135,000, and the median project ran at just $53,616. These numbers give you a better sense of how much the typical project costs than you would get by looking at the statistical mean.

download (23)

Residential Only

download (21)

Non-Residential Only

download (22)



Where has the most construction been done?

Four street names have been the site of over a thousand projects each. (For context, the median number of projects per street name was nine.)

They were:

Glenwood: 2416 Projects

download (26)

Six Forks: 1542 Projects


Falls of Neuse: 1521 Projects

falls of neuse

Capital: 1106 Projectsdownload (27)

There’s probably a lot more I could do with this data. Are there any questions you would like me to answer in a future post? Does anything here make you feel curious? You can let me know by commenting below or emailing me at michaelfosterprojects@gmail.com



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