Raleigh Quantified: Exploring Data of Relevance to Raleigh, North Carolina

On the advice on someone who’s familiar with this space, I’ve decided to move my Raleigh-related posts to a new project: Raleigh Quantified. My moonshot goal is to create the most interesting and comprehensive data-driven blog in the area.

Another motivation for shifting my focus to this project is my newfound interest in interactive data visualizations. WordPress, for all its merits as a content management system, doesn’t accommodate the technology I’m using as seamlessly as I’d like, so I actually welcome this excuse to try out a new platform.

All of the Raleigh content I’ve created up until now will continue to be available here, as will any new posts on non-local topics.

Are there any questions you would like me to answer in a future post? Does anything here make you feel curious? You can let me know by commenting below or emailing me at michaelfosterprojects@gmail.com


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